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What size is required for a cremation urn?

Updated: Aug 26

In general, it is recommended to choose a cremation urn having a volume of at least 3.28 liters for an adult (200 cubic inches), to ensure sufficient capacity for the ashes. It is important to note that certain regulations may impose restrictions on the size of funeral urns for earthen burials or for the preservation of ashes in a columbarium or mausoleum. In the case of an exhibition in a columbarium or conservation in a mausoleum, it is therefore advisable to check the dimensions of the niche and accepted materials before making the final choice of the urn. If you opt for an aquamation rather than a traditional cremation, the volume of the remains will be a little larger. It would then be important to communicate with the funeral service managers to confirm the necessary capacity of the urn.

The wooden cremation urns crafted by INDIGENE have the minimum required size of 200 cubic inches. In addition, you will find in inventory several pieces with a larger capacity to meet the needs of aquamation. It is also possible to make small urns on request, for children or babies or even matching reliquaries.

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