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What to Do with The Loved Ones Ashes After Cremation?

In Quebec, cremation is increasingly popular, which raises the question: what to do with the ashes of a deceased person?   Several options are available to those seeking to honor the memory of their loved ones while respecting legislation and traditions.


First, burial of ashes in a cemetery is a common practice. This can be done in an urn placed in a columbarium, mausoleum or by burying the urn in a reserved plot of land. This option offers a permanent place of contemplation for family and friends. 


Then, scattering the ashes is another possibility. It can be done in a natural environment, such as in a forest, on a mountain or in a stream. In Quebec, it is permitted to scatter ashes on private property with the agreement of the owner or in public places with certain restrictions. It is important to respect local regulations and ensure that the chosen location is not a protected site. According to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, in Quebec the law indicates that it prohibits placing them in a place where they constitute a nuisance or violate the dignity of the deceased person. 


A more personal alternative is to keep the ashes at home, in an urn or divided into several reliquaries so that loved ones can keep a small part of them. There are also innovative options, like turning ashes into memorial jewelry or works of art.  


Finally, memorial ceremonies may be held to mark the scattering or burial of ashes. These ceremonies provide a moment of gathering and remembrance, allowing loved ones to say a final farewell in a meaningful setting.  Each family must choose the option that best corresponds to their values and desires, taking into account the last wishes of the deceased, if applicable. The important thing is to create a respectful and meaningful tribute to honor the memory of the deceased while respecting the regulations in force in Quebec.

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