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As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawn to creativity and manual work. Through experience, and also with some luck, I happily discovered the fascinating and seductive world of wood and, since then, have wanted to work with it very closely. I quickly realized the privilege of living day to day the  practice of creating with such a precious resource. At the same time I realized I have a responsibility, that which guides my choices and represents the nature of my achievements.

From objects to furniture, I base my approach on the research for aesthetic quality and expression, while seeking to minimize the impact of this work on natural  resources. That's why, in my work, I favour the use of indigenous species and natural finishing.

 I try, in all simplicity, to give value to the varied textures and the visual qualities of each wood. Woodworking represents, for me, the ideal way of uniting sensitivity to the natural beauty of wood. I am inspired by the contrast of colours and materials, and also by both nature and urban life.

For me, respect for the environment and traditions can harmonize authenticity and modernity unpretentiously . With this heritage, it is by exercising an old craft that I managed to take advantage of the best of know-how and of techniques that have lasted through time, while keeping a unique and current quality.

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