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Handcrafted wooden cremation urns

A wooden urn on a light background with decorative river stones and a dried flower stand


A unique artwork for a unique person.

When the time comes to choose a funeral urn for a loved one, it signifies not only a rite of passage but also a period of profound change in life. For some, the urn becomes much more than a mere object; it becomes a testament of love and a way to honor the person they were. That's why at INDIGÈNE, each piece is individually crafted with the utmost respect for its purpose. Meticulously handmade, each urn is a unique composition created from carefully selected woods. Whether made of solid wood or adorned with marquetry, each piece, in its own way, enhances the beauty of the material. Through my creations, I strive to achieve representative and luminous works that create a resting place offering a warm closeness to nature.


At INDIGÈNE, you have the opportunity to create a custom urn and personalize it according to your wishes. You can choose from a variety of wood species and their arrangement to pay a final tribute to your loved one or your beloved pet. I understand the value of this gesture, and I am committed to delicately and respectfully crafting urns that symbolize the love and bond that unite you.

With over 20 years of experience in the arts and woodworking, I recognize the importance of well-crafted work, focusing on quality rather than quantity. In an ecological approach, I prioritize the use of native wood species from Quebec or North America and utilize high-quality natural finishing products. Lastly, I am also committed to supporting the solidarity cooperative Arbre-Évolution, specialized in social reforestation, in order to contribute to the community and a more sustainable future.

Handcrafted in Limoilou, Quebec, Canada.