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Walnut and  Beautiful B.C. Fir Cremation Urn

Walnut and Beautiful B.C. Fir Cremation Urn

I present to you a cremation urn made of black walnut wood and beautiful B.C. fir.


This combination of warm and deep colors complements each other harmoniously in the balance of their visual qualities. The black walnut, with its chocolate color and diffuse wood grain, gives way to the fir, with its captivating fiber with small undulations. Seeking to highlight this piece of wood, as I rarely see, I split it to widen its beautiful grain, creating a mirror effect and a gentle gradient. This funeral urn, with a distinguished yet unpretentious appearance, can serve as a tribute to your loved one. Made with great care and attention to detail, this final resting place is imbued with care and gentleness.


The finish of this urn is a high-quality oil applied by hand in several layers. Polished between each application, this eco-friendly oil forms a protective and pleasant satin finish that is pleasing to the eye and touch. The interior of the urn also receives this care and is finished with a light layer of polished beeswax for a smooth surface welcoming your loved one's ashes.


External dimensions: 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 9 ½".

Large capacity for ashes: 229 cubic inches.


Please note that the flower stand shown is not included with the urn. However, if you would like to purchase one or personalize the urn with different elements such as bookmarks, reliquaries, or frames, I offer the option to customize orders. Feel free to contact me for any inquiries.