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Minimalist Walnut Cremation Urn

Minimalist Walnut Cremation Urn

Introducing this exquisite handmade minimalist walnut cremation urn, crafted entirely from beautiful walnut wood, adorned with golden mother of pearl inserts that gracefully resemble ellipses, symbolizing the continuity of life and inviting moments of pause and reflection.


This one-of-a-kind urn is meticulously made with carefully chosen walnut wood for its warm and rich tones from light to dark hues, creating a stunning piece that exudes elegance and reverence. The special addition of mother of pearl inserts adds a touch of ethereal beauty and symbolism. The ellipses signify the everlasting cycle of life and the transitions that await us beyond. These delicate and luminescent inlays catch the light, capturing the essence of transformation in a harmonious blend of natural elements, reflecting serenity and grace.


As a final resting place for your loved one's ashes, this wooden cremation urn serves as a touching tribute. The combination of walnut wood and mother of pearl imparts a sense of tranquility and contemplation, making it a perfect vessel to honor their memory.


The walnut wood is treated with a high-quality and eco-friendly finish, enhancing its natural beauty and providing a soft and satiny appearance. Inside the urn, the same finish is applied, followed by a layer of beeswax, creating a smooth and gentle surface.


Dimensions : 6 3/4" x 6 3/4" x 8 1/2"

Capacity for the ashes : 210 cubic inches


Please note that the flower stand depicted is not included with the urn. However, if you wish to complete with different elements such as flower stands, bookmarks or reliquaries, it is possible to customize orders. Please reach out for any inquiry.