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Minimalist Urn Made of Oxidized Curly Maple

Minimalist Urn Made of Oxidized Curly Maple

This minimalist urn is crafted from curly maple that has been oxidized. The colours change with the light giving the urn tones of blue, grey, green or yellow. 

  • The finish is a high quality and ecological oil, with a satiny feel, that enhances the beautiful natural colours of the woods. The inside is also finished with this oil and then with natural bee's wax.

    Exterior dimensions: 6 7/8" W x 6 7/8" L x 7 5/8" H
    Small capacity for the ashes of 198 cubic inches 
    The standard on the market for an adult urn is 200 cubic inches

    INDIGÈNE’s cremation urns are carefully crafted and oiled by hand. Solid wood or decorated with inlay, each piece is unique and reflects the warmth, beauty and sensitivity of the ligneous timber. 

    Individually designed with the utmost respect for its purpose, each species chosen for the urn is valued and carefully selected. 

    INDIGÈNE offers the possibility to order and customize an urn. By the choice of its shape, from a variety of woods and their assortments , plan the design of a customized work for yourself or for a special tribute to your loved one or pet. 

    In partnership with the solidarity cooperative Arbre-Evolution, Indigene will finance the planting of a tree for every urn sold. 

    To reduce the ecological footprint, the packaging supplies for the shipping are recycled, recyclable and in part reused materials.

    Handmade in Limoilou, Quebec, Canada

    Flower stand not included