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Exquisite All Walnut Cremation Urn

Exquisite All Walnut Cremation Urn

This urn is a perfect choice for those seeking to honor their loved one in a very meaningful way. This particular piece is meticulously crafted from beautiful walnut featuring contrasting traces of sapwood which are carefully placed to create an intriguing and dynamic visual effect that only an artisan handmade piece can acheive. What sets this piece apart is that the tree from which the wood is sourced is still standing, alive and actively purifying the air. This urn is crafted from pruned branches of a very old walnut tree, a special gift from a friend in Ottawa.


The strong contrast of the natural colors lends this piece a striking unique character and elegance, and the organic grain lines gives softness to the overall aesthetics. Made entirely of walnut, this cremation urn is finished with a high quality ecological oil that enhances the wood’s natural beauty without overpowering it. The finish is carefully built up to achieve a soft sheen, and a coat of bee’s wax is applied to the interior and polished to a soft surface, providing a natural feel and delicate sent for preserving the ashes of you loved one.


The overall dimensions are 6 3/4" w x 6 3/4 "deep and 8 3/4 " high, the urn has a capacity of 225 cubic inches


Please note that the flower stand depicted is not included with the urn. However, if you wish to purchase one or customize the urn with different elements such as bookmarks or reliquaries, we offer the possibility to personalize orders. Please feel free to reach out for any inquiries.