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Cremation Urn of Walnut and Spalted Birch

Cremation Urn of Walnut and Spalted Birch

Introducing this exceptional wooden cremation urn of walnut and spalted birch, a truly beautiful option for honoring the memory of your loved one. This meticulously crafted urn is designed to provide a dignified and sustainable resting place for their ashes.

The use of birch wood in the crafting of this urn showcases the natural beauty and warmth of the material. This particular piece is crafted from a comination of walnut and beautiful spalted birch. The latter, a beautiful piece that was destined to be firewood. I salvaged this log and I found the markings to be quite dinstinct and thought that resawing the log into fine slices and placing them in a matchbook fashion and laminated on linden wood for the proper thickness would offer a superb pattern. Each urn is a unique piece, with its own distinct grain and markings, adding a touch of natural elegance and this specific one is quite special as we can see the traces of nature in a different way.


Dimensions :  7" W x 7" D x 8 3/4"

Capacity of the urn : 235 cubic inches.


This urn is a perfect choice for those seeking a unique and meaningful way to honor their loved ones and offering a beautiful resting place that brings them closer to nature.


The finish is an eco-friendly handrubbed oil that is carefully applied to preserve the wood's natural beauty. The finish adds a gentle sheen, allowing the rich tones and beautiful grain of the woods to shine through. This high-quality oil ensures the urn is protected and maintains its luster and beauty. Lastly, a fine coat of bee’s wax is applied on the inside of the urn and polished to a soft surface to preserve the ashes of your beloved.


Please note that the flower stand depicted is not included with the urn. However, if you wish to purchase one or customize the urn with different elements such as bookmarks, frames or reliquaries, I offer the possibility to personalize orders. Please feel free to reach out for any inquiries.