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Oxidized Curly Maple Contemporary and Minimalist Funeral Urn

Oxidized Curly Maple Contemporary and Minimalist Funeral Urn

This contemporary and minimalist funeral urn is made of beautiful figured curly maple. Adorned with three small white mother-of-pearl dots, they echo the ellipsis and invites us to a pause and reflection. These gentle insertions remind us of the present moment, the suspended time, the importance of life, and the mystery beyond. However, each person can define this detail and attribute an entirely personal symbolism to these lovely dots that catch the light and add a touch of iridescent shine.


The unique color of the urn is achieved through an oxidation technique. The wood reacts naturally with iron acetate (vinegar and iron), resulting in this distinctive coloring. Sometimes more purple or blue, golden or silvery, yellow or greenish like this particular piece, it is difficult to precisely describe the color effects of oxidation, and each piece treated with this technique reveals its unique tones. The combination of this coloring with the visual qualities of figured maple reminds me of water ripples under the sun, and in my opinion, the combination with mother-of-pearl attributes to this cremation urn an aquatic-themed quality.


Finished with a high-quality eco-friendly oil, applied by hand, it obtains a soft shine and protection to ensure its durability. The interior of the urn also has an additional thin layer of beeswax, polished into a smooth surface to preserve the ashes of your loved one.


Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 8 1/8"

Capacity for the ashes: 220 cubic inches


Please note that the flower stand depicted is not included with the urn. However, if you wish to complement it with different elements such as stem holders, bookmarks, or reliquaries, it is possible to customize orders. Please contact me for any inquiries.