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Birdseye Maple and Butternut Cremation Urn

Birdseye Maple and Butternut Cremation Urn

Here is the my latest creation of a funeral urn that I find particularly beautiful. This urn, imbued with softness and light, is crafted from superb birdseye maple and butternut. In the center of this piece, the sapwood of the black walnut, with a stain of bark, evokes for me an island on the distant horizon in the heart of calm waters and a sky with dancing clouds.


There is a beautiful balance between the distinct wood patterns, between the straight and linear grain of butternut and the wavy grain of birdseye maple, all coming together in warm tones in a harmonious blend. This truly unique funeral urn can serve as a final meaningful and symbolic tribute to your departed loved one.


The urn is protected with a plant-based oil finish, hand-applied in several layers, then polished to a soft satin that delights both the sight and touch. This high-quality, biodegradable, ecological oil enhances the wood's natural colors. Inside, the urn is finished with an additional thin layer of beeswax, providing a soft, smooth surface to accommodate the ashes of your loved one.


Dimensions: 7 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" deep x 8" high

Capacity for ashes: 220 cubic inches


Please note that the flower stand pictured is not included with the urn. However, we offer the possibility of personalizing your order with different elements such as flower stands, bookmarks, or reliquaries. Feel free to contact us for any additional information or requests.