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Red Cedar Wood Cremation Urn

Red Cedar Wood Cremation Urn

Discover our unique minimalist cremation urn, crafted from all-red cedar wood. The different red-orange tones are striking, creating a beautiful ensemble. The lumber is quarter sawn which gives a straight and regular grain appealing aesthetic.


The urn is finished with a high-quality and eco-friendly oil that imparts a satin-like feel while enhancing the beautiful natural colors of the wood. The interior is also treated with this oil and then coated with natural beeswax, providing a meticulously finished surface inside and out, making a carefully crafted space to honor your loved one.


Dimensions : 6 3/4" x 6 3/4" x 8 1/4",

Capacity of 210 cubic inches


Red cedar wood, known for its beauty and durability, not only adds to the urn's aesthetic beauty but also ensures a secure preservation of your loved ones ashes.


By choosing this urn, you opt for a one-of-a-kind piece that captures the essence of minimalism while celebrating the beauty of natural materials. Every detail, from the wood's nuanced tones to the delicate finish, is designed to honor the memory of your loved one with understated elegance.


Please note that the flower stand depicted in the images is not included with the urn. Nevertheless, if you wish to add special elements, it is possible to customize an order. Please reach out for any inquiry.


Whether it becomes a distinctive element in your home or intended for burial, this red cedar urn will undoubtedly pay a dignified and respectful tribute to your dearly departed.